Friday, October 2, 2009

European day of Languages

Last Monday we had the Language Fair and Language Party in my European Club. It was the European day of Languages on the 26th of September. My students found some greeting words in 11 different languages and during the breaks tried to share their knowledges with others. And after classes we spoke about the role of languages in the life, sang songs, recite poems and presented the work of our European club. At the end of our meeting everybody got the violet tie (the symbol of the club) and then we had the eurodisco. The most popular song was "The fairy-tale" by Alexander Rybak - the winner of the contest "Eurovision". He is from Belarus, but now he lives in Norway.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last bell 2009

Yesterday was the happiest day for all students and all teachers of our school!
Yesterday was the last day of school!
Yesterday we celebrated the holiday of the LAST BELL!!!
You know, we have a lot of school traditions, but the day when the school - leavers say "Good-bye" for everybody is the most impressive.
As usually, the 10th - formers present them the symbolic bells and the bells' chimes are ringing everywhere.
Our youngest students recite the poems for their elder friends and lead them to the classroom, where the 11th formers have their last lesson.
This holiday is the day of the bells and flowers, smiles and tears, happiness and sadness.
This is the last day of school!

European week in school

Do you know - Ukraine is situated in the centre of Europe. We have the geographical centre of Europe in a little town Rakhiv, Zakarpats'ka region. Ukraine is an independent country, it has proclaimed its independence in 1991, August 24. Our country wants to become the memeber of the European Union, so we try to do a lot to reach this aim. As for school, we inform our students about the geography, history, culture of the European countries, we study about the activity of the EU and NATO.
So, as usually in May, we celebrate the European Days in our school. This year we spend whole week speaking about Europe.
We organized three exhibitions- Euro money, Euro flags and Euro countries. Students of the school took part in the competition of the wallposters about European countries. Students of the 8v form prepared the poster about Sweden and won this competiton. I think, the most exiting was the sport competition. Four teams took part in this competition of volleyball. And the team of the teachers won it. Our principle Stanislav Butenko was the captain of the teachers' team. The second place got the team of the 8th formers. The third were 10th formers and the fourth - 9th formers.
Friday, was the last day of the European week. During each break in the lobby of the school our students had the oppotunity to watch the video-tour around European countries : France, Italy, Spain and Britain. And besides that we listened music of these countries. At the fifth lesson the 4th formers had the class about Europe. They learnt some interesting facts about Britain, Poland and Czech Republic, tried to remember some words in Czech and sang the Polish song. Then they took part in the intellectual game "What? Where? When?".
I hope, the European week will be a great tradition not only in our school. Maybe other schools of the town will borrow our innovation.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Victory DAY

Do you know? Do you remember? Do you think about?
9th of MAY 1945...
It was many years ago, but old lady, who lives next to our house, was the participant of that WAR!!!
She is still very active, she plants the flowers every spring, she digs the ground around the trees, she washes clothes herself and tidies her house - she is very active - maybe because she lives alone?!
As usually, my students help her to plant the potato in the kitchen-garden and she always gives them some sweets, maybe because she lives alone?!
As usually, on the Victory Day, I visit her with flowers, candies and mineral water, maybe because she lives alone?!
As usually, we drink 20 gramms of vodka for all, who died during the WAR, maybe because she lives alone?!
As usually, she invites me to visit her next week, maybe because she lives alone?!.....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello everybody!
It was amazing day yesterday! My pupils and I went to Poltava. If you don't know, Poltava is our regional centre. Firstly, we skated at the skating- rink in the shopping centre "Equator". I tried to skate and I think I DID IT. I have fallen only once!!!
Then we played bouling with our kids and spent some time in the "Gameland"
In the afternoon we had a little tour around the city. We visited the central park, the museum of the local history, the famouse "White Rotonda" and other interesting places.
We had lunch in the "Burger club" and for some our students it was a real challange.
Our boys ordered too much food, they could not finish their pizza so they shared it with us.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our European club

Our school is unusual! Our school is the best! Students of our school have the amazing oppotunity to go abroad. We have visited the Republic of Poland three times. Besides we try to meet every month and speak about geography, history, languages of different European countries. We presented our club at the seminar for the schools principals.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My students

I am an English teacher in the Hadiach spersialized school #4. My students are fond of computers and we decided to create a school newspaper in the WEB.